Chainify decentralized messaging

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A protocol for trustless communication

Delivery guarantee without a central server
End-to-end encryption without a central server
Stored securely forever and for free
Verification by anyone that messages were sent by you and only you
Verified by anyone (including you) that messages were delivered
Access to messages only by sender and recipient (no big brother involvement)
Secure access through an unlimited number of interfaces or clients from various vendors
Send unlimited file size (soon)

Use Cases

Hillary Clinton’s Email “Scandal” could have been prevented if Hillary used Chainify, because we use decentralized end-to-end encryption.

Fake news would be much less of an issue if digital media were using CDM, because everyone will be able to see who, when and what has posted. And because of blockchain architecture, that information will be stored immutability.

Russian authorities will never be forcing CMD based applications to disclose users’ decryption keys, because there is nothing to reveal in this case.

100 million Quora accounts would have never leaked if they were held through CDM, because no personal data would have been stored in a centralized or unencrypted way.